Traditional NdFeB magnets are widely used because of their excellent magnetic performance, however, their poor corrosion resistance make it cannot be used without coating.

As many files need the NdFeB magnet used without coating or only phosphate surface treatment, the magnet should be with high corrosion resistance. Low weight loss NdFeB, with high corrosion resistance , can meet this requirement and widely used in motors, wind energy,sensors ,elevator etc.

The weight loss test should be based on different Material mixture and production technology, Normally the weight loss is <=5mg/cm2, we even can control the weight loss <=1mg/cm2 .

Test Condition:
132 °C and  95% RH  2.7 atmospheric pressure,168 hours

Note: Not all the low weight loss NdFeB has the same low weight test results, it should be in according to the actually condition., we welcome you to contact us for more details.