The common temperature coefficient of Br is -0.126% /℃,  βHcj is -0.68%/℃.

we can make our temperature Coefficient of Br reach -0.06%/℃, βHcj reach -0.4%/℃ by changing the formulations and production technology.

By adding some elements such as cobalt, dysprosium, terbium, copper, niobium, gallium to down the temperature coefficient of Br and Hc;Using SC process to make the alloy columnar crystals grow well and in small size, Nb-rich phase along the grain boundaries uniform distribution ,which effectively improved the structure of the alloy.

Use HD process to make magnetic powder grain not only narrow particle size distribution but also its shape rules.

It’s the first time in our country to use the dual-liquid phase sintering process to produce sintered NdFeB magnet with low temperature coefficient, high temperature resistance, high corrosion resistance features. Mainly used in the electrical industries.

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